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Bright Start's Story

Est. 1991

Bright Start began as a home-based kindergarten, extended day, and afterschool program in the Bishop School neighborhood in 1991.  Its founder and Director, Andrea has always been passionate about teaching and children. She has dedicated her life to bringing out the gifts and talents of every child, helping children communicate empathically, think critically and express themselves creatively.  

​Andrea’s career began in education.  After receiving her B.A. from Goucher College in Elementary Education and Applied Music (piano), she pursued a Masters’ Degree in Gifted Education from Johns Hopkins University.  While there, she received a one year Education Policy Fellowship opportunity to work in the Federal Office for Gifted and Talented in Washington, D.C.  She then landed a position in Massachusetts and became a Resource Specialist in Gifted Education in Foxboro and Norton, and later became a Director of a Gifted Program in Acton, MA. Andrea continued her work with gifted children in Arlington's ACE program from 1998-2009.​


Between Acton and Bright Start she headed to business school and received an MBA from Simmons Graduate School of Management for women.  Following her MBA, she took marketing jobs for seven years, she got married and had her son, Aaron, who was her inspiration for Bright Start. 

When Aaron turned 5, Andrea realized her dream to teach Aaron and start her own private school in her home. Bright Start was created.  It has evolved into an after school enrichment program, housed in the Bishop School since 1998. Over decades now, Bright Start has served hundreds of families of children aged five through eleven years old with the mission to offer outstanding enriching curriculum from qualified expert teachers. Andrea feels extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful community of families and a gifted and talented staff with whom to spend her days.

Bright Start's Story
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