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Our Philosophy 

Group Coloring
Child Doing Art Activity
Children Playing Bongo Drums

Above all, Bright Start’s philosophy is built upon self-respect and the respect of others. At Bright Start, we honor the abilities, talents, and creativity of the individual child. We pay close attention to all aspects of self-development: intellectual, creative, physical, social and emotional. Each child is exposed to a carefully crafted curriculum, full of rich content that emphasizes scientific discovery, intellectual exploration, and creative expression.  


Children are also taught the skills that enable them to get the most out of these experiences, which include problem-solving games and projects in arts, crafts, sciences, physical fitness, drama, and music. They are encouraged to extract what is meaningful to them and to share their understanding through a variety of individual and group activities. 


It is also our goal to help them develop social and emotional skills through sharing friendship and kindness, using words that show empathy and understanding for others, encouraging problem-solving through listening and speaking with respect and also communicating one's own needs clearly.  Bright Start is a community that strives to foster the best in every child and to build a foundation of confidence and self-awareness that will equip children for the future.

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