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What our children say 

“It feels like everybody is nice to everybody and it seems like there is something for every kid.”

(Student, gr. 5)​​​

“I liked making the Ghees' Bend quilt.  It was really colorful!

(Student, gr. 4)

"When we made dragons from "Wings of Fire", we made Sea Wings and Sky Wings.  It was great!"

(Student, gr. 4)

"I liked the Treasure Hunt project!  We made our own treasure boxes and made our own codes

for the other group to follow."

(Student, gr. 3)


“Bright Start makes me feel happy. I always have a fun time at Bright Start.”

 (Student, gr. 3)

"I like making Zen tangles because I like creating patterns.  I thought they all looked beautiful. 

It was fun to choose my colors." 

(Student, gr. 2)


“It is so much fun learning about dinosaurs and playing with them!” 

(Student, gr. 1)​​

“It's very, very fun! You get to draw a lot and play outside! You also get to learn about countries.”

(Student, gr. 1)

"I liked doing the mystery game.  We did fingerprints and we discovered

what our fingerprints looked like."

(Student, K)

"I liked watching our seeds grow."

(Student, K)

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